Past Shows


Solestance 2000- The first-year Solestance was performed in Links Hall, Sept. 22 and 23, 2000.  It included premier works by Elizabeth Adler, Paul Christiano, Danielle Decamp, Tabatha Faes, Jyl Fehrenkamp, Jamie Horban, Beth McDermott, Julie Petry, and Lucy Vurusic-Riner.  The final piece on the program was a collaborative modern piece entitled "RainCry".

Solestance 2001- The second Solestance, performed in Links Hall Sept. 21 and 22, 2001.  It included premier works by Ellyzabeth Adler, Olivia Davis, Gus Giordano apprentices Katie Greene and Brendon LaPier, Jamie Horban, Michael Rioux, Julie Petry, Melissa Thodos dancers Amy Wilkinson and Cameron Jarrett, and Columbia student Noah Vinson.  The final piece on the program was a collaborative serious modern piece inspired by the events of Sept. 11, 2001, entitled "Slowly".

Solestance 2002- The third Solestance performed in Links Hall Oct. 4 and 5, 2002 included works by Melissa Thodos dancer Katherine Cruden, Jamie Horban, Instruments of Movement, Amanda Kimball, Kat Nolan, Beverly Projansky, Anatomical Theatre dancer LeAnne Vancil, and Kelly Ann Vitacca.  The final piece on the program was a collaborative upbeat modern/jazz piece entitled "Eight Sides to Nature".

Solestance 2003- the fourth annual Solestance was performed in Links Hall Sept. 19, 20 and 21, 2003 and included works by Chicago Dance Crash, Ethnic Exposure, Fosa Fordsaliba Dance Theatre (now Nucleus Dance Collective), Jamie Horban, Inside Chicago Dance, Amanda Kimball, K-Theory Dance Productions, Valerie Moore, Beverly Projansky, Hip-Hop Connxion dancer Dana Rosenthal, and Jennifer Sandoval. The final piece on the program was a comedic collaboration called "Lessons for the Rock Concert" inspired by the many different moves performed by audience members at a rock concert.  All three shows of Solestance 2003 were oversold, thus forcing a move to a bigger theater for 2004.

Solestance 2004- performed Sept. 17, 18 and 19 2004 at Ruth Page Center for the Arts.  It included premier works by former Texas resident and ballet dancer Jennifer Arellano, former River North apprentice Nicole Erickson, Gus Giordano dancer Elijah Gibson, tango dancers Javier Gomez and Olga Kokorauva, Jamie Horban, Hip- Hop Connxion, Inside Chicago Dance, K-Theory Dance Productions, belly dancer Silvana Marzullo, Mary Sue Miller, Valerie Moore, Nucleus Dance Collective, and Summer Rich.  The final piece on the program was a comedic collaboration entitled "Take me to the Disco” about three custodians who were "swept" into a dreamworld where they were allowed to disco as long as they wanted.

Solestance 2005 was performed at the Ruth Page Center after a very successful benefit held at the Palette and Chisel Academy of Art next door.  The program included salsa and flamenco  by Ethnic Exposure Dance Company,  Elijah Gibson, Hip-Hop ConnXion, Jamie Horban,  a modern piece  by Jay-Son Dance Company, K-Theory Dance Productions, Tiffany Lawson, MADD Rythms, Belly dancer Silvana Marzulo, Indian Dance by Natya Dance Company, Rebound Dance Company, and tap choreography by Summer Rich.  The final piece on the program was a collaboration between all dance companies and was called "The Who?"  It involved an "Alien" coming down from outer space to examine the many forms of dance that exist on Earth .  All three performances of Solestance 2005 received a standing ovation from the crowd. Two out of the three performances were sold out.
The popularity of Solestance 2005 caused a move to a larger venue for Solestance 2006 which was performed in the Vittum Theater Chicago.   Solestance 2006 was the first year Solestance finally accomplished its original goal: each dance piece was a completely different form of dance.  The festival included acrobatics from Acrofabulous Circus, Modern from Elijah Gibson, Flamenco from Ethnic Exposure,  Modern from K-Theory Dance productions, Jazz and ballet from Jamie Horban, Hawaiian Dance from Kupa'a Pacific Island Resource, Latin choreography from Tiffany Lawson, Tap by MADD Rythms, Belly dance from Silvana Marzulo, Gypsy from Natya Dance Theatre, Argentinian Tango by Ramona Nita and Daniel Noce, Hip-hop by "Be the Groove", Egyptian by Marquez Dance Project, Swing by Scooter Bal Club, and Celtic  Dance by Marieke Van Der Maelen.   The final piece on the program included all dance companies and was called "A De-Briefing".   This piece examined the life and times of a stolen briefcase that everyone seemed to want!  


Make Me Laugh!    Ever seen a program where everything was a comedy?  Comedies is a comedy festival occurring in summer in Chicago.  Come prepared to laugh, chuckle or giggle as dancers, acrobats, musicians, magicians, actors, comedians, poets, puppeteers,  jugglers and film makers perform all sorts of silliness to make you grin.


Hello Hallo

Hello Hallo was a family based show that occurred before Halloween in Chicago.  Talented artists presented Halloween themed pieces in a light and fun way with a bit of comedy.  Children and adults were encouraged to wear costumes to the multi-media interactive performance.   The show featured magicians, dancers, jugglers, improvers, acrobats, puppets, and musicians performing feats with a scary twist.  Also included were refreshments, a haunted darkroom, games, a chance to improv on stage, and a chance to do circus tricks!


Raising the Bhar

Raising the Bhar was a bi-monthly show with a new theme each month occuring in Denver as a collaboration with the Bhar Art Gallery. Numerous Denver artists showcased music, dance, circus, aerial, comedy, acting, juggling, hooping, story, art, and other unusual acts. The show ran 2013-2015 and focused on bringing together the Denver artistic community as well as providing an environment for collaboration. 


Welcome to Collaborations! Performed  in both Chicago and Atlanta,   The festival demonstrates what happens when two or more of any art form merge within the same piece.  Its purpose, beyond producing a lively, eclectic, one-of –a kind show, is to bring artists together and to help unify the often segregated Arts Community.  Collaborations are important not just in art, but in life.  By working together, artists, and people in general are stretched further than themselves. 
Each piece is about five minutes in length, has a solid theatrical concept, and involves a different combination of artistic disciplines.  The art forms featured before in this festival include but are not limited to: dance, theater, spoken word, poetry, film, comedy, music, visual art, maskwork, circus arts, bubble juggling, puppetry, fashion, human beatboxing, and parkour (freerunning).   As an audience member, you make up the final part of our collaboration!