Welcome to SoleStance

Welcome to SoleStance,(TM) a non for profit corporation through the state of Illinois. Our mission is the promotion and education of all world cultures with the intention of breaking down boundaries while simultaneously celebrating the differences. SoleStance  hosts various events including but not limited to artistic shows and festivals, lectures, classes, outreach, programs, discussion groups, and festivals. 

Operating since 2000,  SoleStance has hosted many artistic festivals and showcases in various areas of the United States in honor of bringing together various cultures, ethnic groups, and people of all wakes through the arts. Various previous events have included SoleStance Dance Festival, Collaborations Chicago, Collaborations Atlanta, Comedies, Hello Hallo, Raising the Bhar in Denver, and "Dance, Diversity, Divinity", the World Day Event in collaboration with the Bahai Temple. SoleStance's events have been featured in the Chicago Tribune, WZRD Radio, The Daily Herald, Pioneer Press, Channel 11 WTTW Chicago, Channel 9 WGN Chicago, Chicago Public Radio, Denver Post and Creative Loafing Atlanta.

SoleStance will be continuing to sponsor community events as well as collaborate with various organizations with the intent of education and celebration of all ethnic cultures and artistic endeavors.